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Forensic Legal Security Counselor

Grow your vision and engagement. 

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Being able to document incidences to further value victims cases to convict those who break the law.

Swedish based foundation, helping families in need to get judicial help cps dhs socialtjänsten and counseling regarding the government.

Bengt Frost Lawyer


 Siblingsunited Mobilize society to lift human rights and to stop cps / dhs / socailtjänsten from using their power of abuse over the children and the people. 



Regulate emotions workshops for institutions, government enteties and schools.

Work together with #BrilliantMindsPanel

Looking for excellent people help in groups in every city around the world

Parenting Certificate 

Helping families who have been deemed 

''unfit''  to get ''qualified'' back as parents by supplying them with all available CBT/KBT, ACT, etc , Resources , 


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